Friday, August 28, 2009

Fresh goodness a plenty

I love the desert.
But I've fallen in LOVE WITH THE NORTHWEST all over again and all the FRESH LOCAL FRUIT that i can find on any walk, bike ride or drive around town. The backyard that we're "squatting" in at the moment has a purple plum, yellow plum, pear and apple tree!! More blackberries than you can imagine are taking over town. It's not uncommon to see folks walking around town with a bowl of fresh pick berries. Or kids with purple stained fingers and smiles. I love it! I'm missing my big freezer right now. Not to worry, we are getting our fair share. I thought you could tire of it, I'm mistaken. I still stop to pick a berry or two whenever I go.

We went raspberry picking a few weeks ago. Brought home 17 pounds of the bright red yums. We froze a lot and there's nothing better than throwing them in fresh whole wheat pancakes in mornin'.
Jason made a bomb blackberry biscuit cobbler the other night.
We would love to hear your favorite recipes for all these plums, apples, pears and blackberries.
Wish you were all near to share in the goodness!

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organic tribe said...

ohhh I sooo wish we were there for all that yummy fruit & berries!!! We went blueberry picking here yestrday, but they are little compared to WA. Miss you guys!!!