Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Durango December

What were we thinking????
It started out like this.......
And currently, we're at this..

Monday, December 1, 2008

Bisbee Blue

Sun shiny blue-bird kinda day. If still in Bend, we'd be rushing to the mountain to snowboard and smile. Here we wake up and pinch ourselves and think... Is it really December? I will admit, it's a little hard to get into the holiday spirit when it's 70 degrees and the sun is bright. In my mind it's still Sept. I mean really, how can I be wearing a t-shirt and shorts when Santa is about to visit?

Bisbee, AZ has been our home for 3 weeks now. The town lies in a valley surrounded by brown mountains covered in arizona walnut trees. On top of one of the local mountains is a white cross. We've been staring at that cross since day 1. We were told there was a trail to the top. Now that we're thinking of venturing on sometime this week, we thought it was time to conquer that hill.
The journey began in town. We were fortunate to meet some extremely friendly guys our first night here who invited us up to park in front of their house during our stay. Lucky for us, they lived on one of the only flat roads in Bisbee.
We figured from their house to the top of the mountain is about 2 miles. That would make it 4 miles round trip. And would you believe, Little Miss Avery made it ALL the way up and ALL the way back All by herself. YAY!!!!

The top of the hill is a memorial built by a couple in the 1980's. People trek up here to remember loved ones, reflect, sit and think, enjoy the view and be on top of the world for a bit. Which is exactly what we did...til my cell phone rang. :) (It's okay Leah)
With the hike out of the way there are only a few more "must-do's" to check off our list in Bisbee. One of those would be The Queen Mine tour. We've promised the kids we won't leave without and trust me, they'll hold us to that.
You all know by now that our route changes everyday, if not twice a day. Snow and cold lie not that far north. It's been tough on me lately as I "think" I know that when the time comes to settle it won't be this far down. We really want to explore Colorado but not in a motorhome in the dead of winter. April and snow melt seem so far off. So what do you do when in Arizona in Jan? QUARTZSITE, AZ baby! Quarzsite is a small town north of Yuma. Every winter 100,000's of Rv'ers and travelers join up to live on the BLM land that surrounds the town and have a flea market. From what we here so many people come that you can walk around the desert for a month and not see everything. We figure it's a good place to live rent free and meet lots of interesting folks. We'll take the next 3 weeks to explore a bit of Southern New Mexico and zig-zag back through Phoenix and over.
Looks like this is where we'll be spending Christmas. We're excited cause Uncle Brian is coming out to the desert to spend the holiday with us. Hopefully Santa can find us to. Does he slip in through the stove vent?