Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yaks, babies and owies

The daytime high as hit 55 for 5 straight days in a row now. I think it's time to say spring has arrived in Bend, finally. With the sun shining and the mountains hogging the landscape we jumped in the car and headed out east to a farmers market.
We saw fresh veggies, baby chicks, tasted homemade salsa, climbed a climbing wall, slid down from a princess castle, listened to bluegrass music and harassed yaks. kaleb thought it was funny teasing these big creatures till it kicked up dirt and charged towards him. i wasn't sure what was going on when ani came screaming like a banshee with her eyes all bugged out towards me. there sat her brother with a proud, yet somewhat freaked out smile on his face. we'd like to go back every sunday but i'm afraid of being 86'd from the market. ;)

HERE COME'S AVERY, down the princess castle slide..over and over and over again!

Of course he made it to the top. Faster than anyone else and on the hardest course. Would you expect anything less from this boy?

Bluegrass music. That's a mando Jay built!

Avery loved the petting zoo. The baby sheep and goats were great. She wasn't too sure about the big momma's that would come with the babies.

Jay seems to slowly be getting over pneumonia. On Sunday Avery took a crash in her brothers room knocking her head on his bed post. It was a sad, sick day.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

welcome to our blog

hola familia,

what do you think? we thought we'd check out this nifty site to keep you up to date on our lives. life has really gotten busy around here, between birthdays, author readings, skate trips, pottery painting and sing-a-longs, we've taken lots of photos and would like to share. we'll try to post often. we have some pretty photogenic kids so i don't think it will be too tough.

let's catch up shall we.

it won't stop snowing. april ranges from 85 degrees one day to 30 the next with 2 inches of freshly fallen snow.

Ani turned 7!!!

Ani had an Earth Day Performance at school

Kaleb went on a skateboarding trip

Ani read at Young Authors Night at her school

and finally today...i caught the kids pretending that they were pregnant or that they had bubble butts. notice the mickey hanging out of avery's undies. does it get any cuter than that?