Saturday, August 15, 2009

Current Events...

Enough is Enough!!
I'm embarrassed that I'm still 2 months behind on blogs. Exciting events happen daily in our lives and I want to share them quickly with you all but I refuse to write about today's happenings when you don't even know where we are or how we got here.
So....I'm giving you the fast version. Jason will not be happy with my cheatin' ways but I'll deal with him later. :)
My last blog left off in Colorado. After the Teva Games it was time to head back to one of our favorite towns, Durango, where we "thought" we could "find" jobs. HA! Nada!
We tried to enjoy our time there. We met some great folks who took us out to bouldering spots RIGHT IN TOWN!! We played frisbee in the park. We spent lots of time at the library.
I also STRESSED!!! I'll be honest. Life isn't always peaches and cream. We all know that. We have our moments and we struggle through them. Hopefully we learn and become better people. Hopefully next time we are able to handle the situation with a more positive attitude. I try hard to see the light. To remember that this is only a moment and soon it will pass. Remind myself that everything happens for a reason, even if at the time you dig deep and can't find what that reason may be. Yet, I'm human and sometimes fail. I can easily get swallowed up by my funk. Tends to be one of my downfalls. I need to remember how to breathe and relax in times of stress. I often wonder how I can meditate and relax during the craziest contraction of childbirth yet during one of life's' roller coasters forget everything I know, get caught up in the not so happy moment and hold on tight before I might fall. Luckily, I am surrounded by a loving family and I am able to pull myself out. We all have those moments in life. Having them while on the road just makes them that much funkier. Not too mention affects your family and everyone around you. Here is where you learn how close of quarters your really living in and that indeed, you have no where to hide. This is when you say:Here I am, Love me or Leave me. No wait....please don't leave me. ;)

So plan B.....Flagstaff, AZ. It's a bigger town. Close to a even bigger city. Surely there's work there right???? Nope. Strike out Numero Duo. Humph.....
My spirits rose while here. I love Flagstaff. It felt more like home. The high desert. The juniper trees. Farmers Markets and Folk Festivals. Great people and music. A lively downtown that never gets old. But when it came to jobs, same ole' same ol. No one called us back and nothing manifested. It was okay though. This time I knew there was something else out there. At the time I didn't know what, but I knew it would all be okay.
Plan C....There wasn't one. What do you do? Make one!
Anacortes, WA. Far, far away on an island in northern WA lies a small town where family is close and apparently work rains down. At first we didn't want to go. We loved being near the red sandstone and deep canyons of the Southwest. Sometimes, you just don't have a choice and you need to trust and step on the gas. Prepare yourselves for a long, long journey back to where it all began. Deja Vu!!!
When we left Bend ONE YEAR AGO our first stop was....Anacortes, WA. Nans and Grumps live here and they had a grand old boat that needed painting. Jay being the handyman he is....tackled and conquered the job. This then gave him the experience to return back to Anacortes to paint yet another boat and another boat and flood us, literally, with more work than we know what to do with at the current time. Don't' get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Okay, since this has turned into a "spill all" blog, I *may* be whining from time to time about how tired i am or how i won't see my husband for the next 7 weeks. But the end result is all worth it.
On our way here we were able to spend a few days with good friends in Boise, ID who we've been promising for years we'd visit. We also to spent a few nights back in Bend with our dear friends catching up. Many welcomed new additions to their families and we finally got a chance to meet those little squishy ones. I tried to sneak out a few times with them tucked under my arms. Momma's beware!
So here we are. It's almost like we never left. I'm wondering if this past year as been a dream. I pinch myself periodically and know how fortunate we are to have had this opportunity. We're working hard now, enjoying time with Nan-Nan and Grumpy and wondering after this, where our next path will lead.

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