Friday, May 15, 2009

Veggi Oil 101

Our friend Sean drives a bus that he converted. It runs on used veggi oil! Vegetable oil can be used as an alternative fuel in diesel engines.
Other than a bit of diesel to start the bus, he doesn't have to pay anything to drive.
He gets his oil from restaurants, filters it and pumps it into the tank.
He took some time and gave the kids a lesson.
STEP 1....learn to drive a veggi bus
STEP 2 find the used oil and pour into buckets to strain the gunk

STEP 3...I really have no idea. :) I did notice it's a bit MESSY . Pretty darn cool though.
The oil gets filtered a total of 3 times before hitting the tanks. His tank can hold up to 40 gallons of filtered oil and then he has 3 buckets of oil being filtered at all times. He said he has never had a problem finding the oil, most establishments are happy to get rid of it.

Step 4..Pump into yet another filter, then directly into the tank

Waste vegetable oil

As of 2000, the United States was producing in excess of 11 billion liters (2.9 billion U.S. gallons) of waste vegetable oil annually, mainly from industrial deep fryers in potato processing plants, snack food factories and fast food restaurants. If all those 11 billion liters could be collected and used to replace the energetically equivalent amount of petroleum (an ideal case), almost 1% of US oil consumption could be offset.

Sean's music

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zigmuna said...

Greetings fellow travelers and wondeful friends of ours! Emily and I are in Glacier National Park - we picked up 100 gallons of the PUREST golden veggie oil at a wonderful sushi restaurant called Shogun in Jackson, WY. We've only burned about 40 gallons on our trip up here and have 60 more to burn on our way into Canada and onward to Alaska (will have to pick up in Calgary most likely). We love the blog post - thanks for making me famous!! We miss you all a ton and think of you guys daily (and how we would love to still be traveling, camping, bouldering, hanging, etc.. with you! Keep on rolling down the road, and we'll surely cross paths again soon - maybe towards Summer's end, when we're heading back down to the lower 48 after AK! PEACE AND MUCH LOVE! Sean and Em

Renee said...

great learning experience:0) thanks for sharing this