Friday, May 15, 2009

Swell of a time

The Swell! We found it last fall and it's still a treasure in our memories. Last time we went through the canyons. This time we stayed on top in the desert and bouldered like mad men.
We took Sean and Emily (friends we met in Zion) with us this time. We found the perfect spot to camp for 10 days and called it home.
Last time we were here the dinosaur quarry was closed. We were lucky this time.

Everyone spent lots of time on the rock. Emily and Sean had never heard of the sport. 2 days into it and they were on the Internet looking for climbing shoes to buy! Which is better than what Sean was using before.....his bare feet!!! OUCH!We had a lot of fun and Ani had lots of "training" time.

(avery and her friend cora)
(reading break)
We did lots of other things out in the desert those weeks. We read, did yoga, drank plenty of margaritas, ate lots of meat, painted murals, learned how to play cats cradle, built cabinets for Sean's bus and enjoyed each others company, a lot! We left Sean and Emily here. We headed east towards Colorado while they ventured north to Alaska for the summer. It truly is lonely without them. Sean has even offered us a job as their traveling cooks. :0 Sounds great doesn't it! We'll just trust that we will see them again here in the lower 48.

We traveled SE a bit and stopped at some amazing petroglyphs. The Rochester Panel.
I was bummed when we missed it last fall. It was a must the 2nd time around.

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