Thursday, May 7, 2009

Friends and Canyons

Way back then. A long time ago when a little family known as the Chinchens lost their jobs and decided to sell all their belongings and move into a motorhome and wander about the Southwest....we found a website called Families on the Road. I've mentioned it before and I have a link on the sidebar to the website. Through this website we have gotten hints on how to make life on the road easier and made friends to last a lifetime.
I've been creating a friendship with Bryce from the FOTR site since we left Bend last Aug. I've followed her blog and emailed her during our travels. We met face to face in Feb. at the FOTR rally and our families have laughed many times since. We found out while in Zion that they would be in Bryce for the summer working. We weren't far away and had hoped our paths would cross again so it was off to the canyons we went. The drive took us through tiny mountian towns that had Jason stopping at every curve to admire the hundreds of old classic cars sitting on the lands.
At first it looked like we might be able to score jobs near the park as well. That fell through but we still enjoyed our time with friends.

We went into Bryce Canyon National Park and did some of the Peek-A-Boo hike. Unlike Zion where you are in the canyon and all hikes lead up, Bryce is the opposite and down you go into the hoo-doos Bryce is famous for. Hoodoos are pillars of rock left by erosion. They look like they came out of a Dr. Seuss book. Snow was still left on the side of the trails which led to some fun snowball fights between the switchbacks of the trail.

The Sloan family is working at Ruby's Inn, just outside the entrance of the park. This meant that we had access to the laundromat, restaurants and most importantly... THE POOL!
After enjoying 90 degree weather just days before we were now at 7000 ft and bundled up in warm jackets and hats and watching the snow fly. Brrrr......
We explored more at Bryce the next day, completed our 11th Junior Ranger Program and headed out to Escalate/Grande Staircase area where we would meet up again with Sean and Emily.
Hiking the Escalate River

Who know there were so many high mountain passes in Utah!

A bit of alone time in the desert with my coffee


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time! We didn't get the chance to visit that area last we were down in NM, but we plan to spend a month exploring the state in upcoming travels. Thanks for sharing!

organic tribe said...

I'm trying to get caught up on my friends blogs, but I'm still not even caught up on mine....UGH! We had an amazing time with you guys and we are just so happy to know you guys! Through the good & the guys ROCK!
Great pics of Zion too!

Anonymous said...

You make me here in Noblesville, IN so envious. What an incredible experience for you all. YOu are as always in our thoughts and prayers. HUGS!!!

JOJO said...

You chinchens sure know how to ROCK!! you have mead impressions on everyone i know who has met you guys!! Keep on KEEPIN ON!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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