Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's a Tombstone Thanksgiving

It's turkey day. It's a Tombstone Thanksgiving. We took a vacation from our "vacation" and drove over to The Wild West. Tombstone, Arizona.

We arrived on Wed. afternoon and hopped out to hear gunshots in the OK Corral which is located right across the street from where we are staying. We couldn't wait to take a walk down the dirt roads and see for ourselves the place many outlaws robbed banks, drank in the saloons and fought for their lives.
(See the "marshals" hanging out on the benches in the background)

It's great here. Folks dressed in 1800 costumes roam the street and stay in character. In fact, it wasn't until late last night while safe in our RV that Kaleb realized that the guns were FAKE. During our walk yesterday he was under the impression that this was all real and at any moment a real gunfight was going to take place and hopefully he wouldn't caught in the middle.
If we're not out roaming the deserted streets or cooking up a storm in the "kitchen" we've spent the remainder of our time in Tombstone having a movie marathon. We started with Kung Fu Panda and wore 3-D glasses during Journey to the Center of the Earth. Legend of Butch and Sundance was thrown into the mix today.
We hope you enjoyed your day today. We miss you and are forever thankful for all our family and friends that have supported us along the way.

(he's either doing CPR or trying to get it to fit in the motorhome oven??)

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