Monday, November 17, 2008

Recycle-aholics Anonymous

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Question on the day???
How the heck you recycle when you live on the road?
I'm a recycler. My husband would take it further, Im a recyclaholic! I recycle EVERYTHING! I can not throw a piece of paper in the garbage. Wasn't a problem in Bend. We had one huge container outside our door that took everything. Glass, cardboard, paper, plastic, you name it. You just chucked it all in there, put it out on your curb and every Wed. a big blue truck came and took all the goodies away.
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I've been trying real hard while on the road. I've saved everything. Burned the paper goods when we stopped to camp. Pulled up to a town with buckets full of empty water bottles and cans from cooking. But what do you do if the town isn't recycle friendly? This is killing me!!!! I've actually had to throw it all in a dumpster, just to get rid of it. Yes, it was a restless night for me.
recycle Pictures, Images and Photos
We now buy big containers of spring water and put in our own water bottles, that saves some space. But there is still a lot of recycle waste that I''m having to throw away. it's killing me!!
I wish i could compost on the road too. I bet there's a way. I need to research that.
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Jess said...

My mil has a friend who has a worm farm.. lol... did you follow that.... she has a big plastic bin full of dirt under her kitchen sink full of worms!!

She composts in it and the worms eat it... tho I think she only composts specific things... but anyways... its under her sink... maybe you could do something like that......

Anonymous said...

Great post! Good for you for being a recycle-aholic!!!!! I've been wondering about recycling while living on the road. Do campgrounds recycle? Great green links too. I just looked at them real quick + bookmarked them for later viewing when I have more time.

bryce said...

Search on the FOTR group. I remember someone posting about a cool composter. We need to try harder to compost. And recycling can be hard to OTR. I do know that we use very little water OTR!



Sean said...

We feel your pain. In four years of living on the road, we have had simply to come to grips with the fact that most of the US does not recycle. The west coast is pretty good about it, as well as some parts of the east coast. In between, you can go a long time without finding a single collection bin or recycling center (with the possible exception of aluminum cans, which have some intrinsic value in today's aluminum market).

One tip: most National Parks, no matter where they are located, have some kind of recycling program. If we're heading towards one, we'll save it all up.


Louise said...

Thanks for leaving your link on our site! I've been enjoying reading your blog and will definitely follow along more regularly.

As Sean said, we are constantly looking for recycling opportunities. The stuff piles up under the sink for as long as I can stand it and occasionally it ends up in the regular garbage because we simply can't carry any more.

The good news is that we are much more aware now of the packaging BEFORE we buy items and often will reject something because of too much package waste. Now that we live in 300 square feet, we often the biggest box/can/bag of food. I reuse water bottles until they are pretty grungy. I try not to put fresh veggies into plastic bags at the grocery store, just wash them at home.

What I really need to practice is sticking a ziplock bag in my pocket before we go out to dinner. I hate, hate, HATE those styrofoam clamshell leftover containers. They don't seal well so food leaks or gets stale, they are awful for the environment, don't recycle, and take up room in the trash. Ugh! More trouble than an ex-husband...

Connie said...

We are having the same issues - I cannot stand to throw away anything that can be recycled! Putting in a water filter helped alot because we no longer have to buy water - we just fill up our reusable bottles. I've always been into reduce, reuse, recycle - but living in a small space really makes me aware of how much packaging is part of our daily life. Blessings on your journey!