Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A place to call HOME

The search is over. 2 years ago today we left Bend, Oregon. We left in search of our new home. Of what Bend use to be 12 years ago. We made some U-Turns along the way. And went down a few wrong paths. All for a reason. To eventually lead us to Bishop, CA, a small town nestled up to the Eastern Sierra Mountains. A town we had never heard of before.

We found Bishop by mistake while traveling down the open road. We spent about 3 weeks here, 1 1/2 of those because we were fortunate enough to have our transmission blow in the beautiful area. Made good out of the bad. We instantly fell in love and the town made it to the top of our list as a place we would like to settle. That dream came true last month when Jason got accepted for a job here in town.
We've been here now 1 month and keep waiting to wake from the dream. I pinch myself numerous times during the day. Especially when I look out any of our windows to a view of 14,000 foot peaks.

We have world famous climbing out our backyard, endless trails into the wilderness, rivers, desert, lowest and highest points of the US, the local organic U-Pick garden, petroglyphs, snowboarding, SUN, new friends and big huge smiles!

Life is finally settling down a bit after the move. Family and friends have visited, Jason is happy at his job, the kids are all involved in the community, school starts next week and I'm venturing down the path of childbirth educator. This move is good for all of us. We're excited to share it with you all.


Josh said...

Glad you found your place on the planet! And I have roots in the area! I'll let you know when I'm in the area.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for our visit. You obviously love the area and all of you seem so happy when we talk. Looking forward to seeing where you have settled. Mom

Family of Movers said...

Looks beautiful! Glad you have found a home. Blessings!