Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Suubi necklace. Help support the women of Uganda.

How it began...
The Suubi (hope) project was launched in 2007 while the Hansow family was living in Jinja, Uganda for the adoption of their daughter. At the orphanage, they met Anaso Grace and Adong Santa selling paper-beaded necklaces. And after they visited the original 60+ women who met each Sunday to bead together under a jackfruit tree in the village of Walukuba, Suubi was birthed - merely a response to a talent and a need. Who is Suubi...

Suubi (the Lugandan word for HOPE) is a project run by the non-profit organization Light Gives Heat. Suubi is the name of the self-governing community-based organization of beautiful women that make the jewelry, as well as the product name here in the West. HOPE is the essence of the Suubi (hope) project and our vision is two-fold: 1) The Suubi (hope) project is about creating consistent weekly incomes in otherwise unemployable areas in Uganda through the purchasing and reselling of these hand-made necklaces. Thus, allowing for women to provide food and pay school fees for their children. 2) In Uganda, we have been shown a HOPE that doesn't make sense and has changed everything. Therefore, we simply want to spread HOPE - sharing the stories of these amazing women and getting people across the world to look outside of themselves and respond creatively.

What we do...

In addition to buying each week (and tripling their usual profit), the Light Gives Heat volunteers also run weekly Literacy and English classes for the women of Suubi and simply spend time with the women. The majority of the 120+ women are Acholi widows who have been displaced from Northern Uganda because of an over 20-year-long war that has directly affected their tribe and homeland.

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Despite the tragedies they have seen, the hardships they face, and the unpredictability of life in Africa, these beautiful women of Suubi have joy on their faces and hope in their hearts.

My story.....

I discovered this organization while touring through Colorado earlier this spring. I bought a multi colored long necklace at a rock climbing gym we were visiting and it soon became my favorite accessory. Not only for the spunk it brought to any outfit but also for what it stood for. By simply buying one of these necklaces you are helping women support themselves and their families work, eat and educate.


Long multi-colored strands $20.00
Long newsy strands (simple black/white) $20.00
Short multi-colored chokers $15.00

Of course, you are supporting a non-profit organization by purchasing one of these so if you want to throw in a few extra bucks, that'd be cool.
Shipping and handling will cost ya $4.00.

I promise you these will make you smile every time you put it on. Be prepared to be harassed wherever you go about how rad your necklace is and wonder as to where they can get one. (ME) :)

Spoil yourself!!
These also make rad birthday/christmas/get well/i love you or whatever gifts.

Contact me by email if you'd like to know more or would like to purchase one.

I'll toss them in the mail the next day and before you know it, you'll be wearing one to.


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