Monday, October 20, 2008

Time flies when your having fun

I can't believe that 2 weeks have passed since i last wrote.
We've seen lots since Missoula. So much so that i wish i could just invite you all to chill around the campfire with us, roast smores and share stories. We all have our favorite moments and version of what we're seeing.
I'll just start where we left off and play catch up over the next week.

It was getting chilly in Montana and we decided we would leave before the snow started to fly. The plan was to go to Yellowstone and Jackson but with a HIGH of 25 we skipped that part. Do you blame us? I couldn't wait to feel some heat from the sun so it was time to start heading south. We found some unexpected fun in a tiny town called Anaconda, MT. With a name like that you have to stop and check it out. We found this crazy slide down the side of a big hill.

Avery didn't want to have anything to do with this slide. But being the parents that we are, we thought she needed to experience this. You can tell by the last picture what she thought about the ride. Even the dog got in on the fun. But only because she isn't smart enough to figure out that she can go down the steps as well as up. And with feat that we were going to leave her stranded at the top, she came running/sliding down after us.

After a quick stop in Butte we drove late into the night. Through Montana and Idaho and into Salt Lake City. We spent the night in the ghetto of Ogden in a auto parts store parking lot so that Jay could fix the broken alternator belt the next morning. Good Times!

We drove into Provo, UT the next morning to go to The Earth Science Museum. Dinosaur fossils and awe galore. Kaleb can't get enough of this place. I think he's going to be a geologist when he grows up.

From here we headed east to the center of the state to a Price. We found the information center here and loaded up on brochures. We were told of a town called Huntington where we could camp. We spent the night camping near the reservoir.
Here we read about the San Raefael Swell. Most people who think of Utah think of Canyonlands, Zion and Arches.........The Swell isn't well known and those of you who know us know that we like to be off the beaten track. The land is full of history. The Spanish Trail cuts through it, Butch Cassidy hid in it, the dinosaurs roamed and the Native Americans call it home.
We spent 4 days wandering about The Swell. And this is where I have to leave you. The RV is packed and ready to hit the road. We're at a crossroads right now. One road leads to Mesa Verde and Durango. The other down to Flagstaff and Sedona. I guess we'll pull out and see which way we turn. I'll catch up soon.

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Melissa said...

Aside from the auto parts store, it all sounds AMAZING!! I have a friend that is around that part of Utah. She mentions those cities a lot. Wishing you safe travels and wonderful experiences.