Monday, October 27, 2008

Just another day

I've written about the fun and exciting adventures we've been on. I've shown you pictures of the awesome places we've seen. But what about days like this? Not every day is filled with new and exciting travels. We have days when Jason is working. School days. Weekends that we do nothing but relax. Days when we make check marks on the list of chores that need to be done. Those days are everyday when living in a house. We don't think twice about them. We may moan and groan a little but carry on the same. A few months ago I would vacuum every single day (extreme? some people thought so). I'd DRIVE 5 blocks to the grocery store to get milk or bread. There was always a load of laundry going. Who would dare to skip a day with a family of 5?
Things are a bit different now. I have learned to let the dirty clothes go. (or forget that they are hidden behind the shower curtain.) I really have no choice. I spend about 2 hours a week in a random town, in a dingy laundromat, usually talking to others about their travels as our clothes spin out the dirt. We no longer have a vehicle, other than our "home on wheels". And trust me, with the cost of gas, you don't want to drive it down the block for butter. We all have bikes and they are our means of transportation. We ride our bikes almost everywhere with backpacks on to carry our "souvenirs" home. I'm actually falling in love with bike transportation. (so are my hips and backside). I cant' believe the rusty bikes were stacked up against the house unused for so many years. I feel so lazy when I look back and thought it was a haul to the library only 2 miles away.

Now that we've made it to the Southwest we are staying still in towns for a week or more. Living in RV parks to explore the area around us or to work for a bit. It's nice to not empty our wallets into the gas tank everyday. The kids like the breaks. It helps focus more on school because we have more of a "routine" in the morning. They are able to meet other kids in the campgrounds and run, laugh and play. They spent the whole day yesterday with their new friend Michael building a tree house out in the woods behind the park.
I had planned on showing you pictures here of everyday life in a RV while on the road. Pictures of the kids doing school work, us washing the motorhome, haircuts and meal time. But i seemed to have misplaced my camera cord. The kids insisted a walk to the mini mart for slush puppies would help clear my head and I'd come back to find it, but nope. All I've found is a sugar rush. Perhaps I should use that energy to haul my dirty clothes to the washing machine. Giddy Up!

I'll end with a little introduction to Shawn Mullins. He is one of our favorite musicians and we're lucky enough to have scored tickets and a babysitter to our 3rd show this past weekend. He's been in our CD player since we left the northwest and is great road trip music to play. I insist on every one of you rushing out to your local music store and purchasing a cd. I won't tell you which one, they are all great.

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