Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hello out there

That was the last time I wrote on our blog? Dang....! I'm embarrassed. I have every intention of keeping this current. I wish that I had a good excuse. Does moving back into a stick built house count? How about homeschooling? Starting our own business? Having 3 kids and a dog? Really? Come on. Like I can't find a few minutes every week to sit down and update. You know there's always something exciting to share.
I admire those of you that write everyday. Even if it's a few short sentences and a pic. They usually put a smile on my face. I should try. Put this on my to-do list. A "have you visited your blog yet today?" reminder on my phone.
As the kids rush up to bed, I'll take a few quick moments to give you the run down before I go tuck them all tightly in.
We're still up in Anacortes, WA. We decided to stay after starting our own yacht care business that just "kinda happened" after a few projects we did. It's going well.
We moved into a rental house. When the gray wet winter skies appeared, we decided that the RV was feeling small now that we were stuck inside and it was time to spread out. We've been in our house 6 months now and have loved the comfort. Hot running water!! A dishwasher! Longer than necessary showers! (need to control that!) A fireplace! Laundry at home!
Ani is still being homeschooled. Kaleb started at home and then decided he'd like to go back to school. He's in 6th grade and doing well. He's acing Social Studies. After all the cliff dwellings and history sites he visited the last year, we're not surprised one bit. Avery is...still Avery! Causing trouble all day long and making us laugh every minute!
Life is different after living the free life that we did. We're trying hard to adjust. Funny how I thought it would be tough to go from a house to a RV, but honestly the transition back into a home and "real life" is way harder!!!! We've got the itch! Gypsy's at heart. Colorado has been calling lately.......we'll keep you up to date!


Mikayla Johnson said...

Hi I am Mikyla Johnson and i go to school with Kaleb. I never thought that he and his family could have so much fun travling. Maby i'll talk me mom into tavleing some day.

Mikayla Johnson said...

Hi yes it's me agian, Mikyla Johnson. Just wanted to say hi to Kaleb and that I want to know why you hate me sooooo much! Just to say.

heather said...

Colorado is pretty nice about now. Just saying. I'm LOVING it now that winter has seemed to FINALLY leave!!

Also... wanted to let you know that I changed my blog address today. It's now