Monday, October 12, 2009

Head wounds and fairy magic

(this is Avery after the stitches. she sure thought she was cool!)

So my kids have this secret. I'm positive of it. There's a notebook hidden somewhere in this RV with tally marks. I just haven't found it yet!
Who can give mommy more gray hair?
Who can get more stitches?
Avery and Kaleb are now tied on trips to the hospital for some repair. Now we're going to start counting actual stitches. Ani informed me that she's not playing. I'm fine with that!

(this is avery after getting her numbing gel. we told her it was magic fairy potion. even went as far as to do the magic blow on it. the clear bandage holding it in place became the magic fairy window. she loved and believed every word. made for a somewhat cheery hospital visit)

When Jay called and said, avers fell and we need to take her to the hospital, i wasn't surprised one bit. have you met this little dare devil? if so, then you know. we don't walk...we hop, skip and JUMP everywhere. it's just who she is. her personality is huge. we love that about her. she puts a smile on everyones face that she meets. she'll talk your head off all day and all night.
the hospital staff got a kick out of her. she had lots to say. lots to ask and as soon as the last stitch was tied, there she was, jumping on the hospital bed. we were sure we'd have more before we left.

I have one more picture. It's "the wound". It wasn't long, but DEEP! I'm talking so deep we could see her skull. Even Avery wanted to see. I mean really, how cool to look in through your own head. She sure thought so.
I've decided to spare you. I won't post the picture. But if you call, Avery will tell you all about it. Just make sure you have enough minutes on your phone plan!


suburban hippie mama said...

I love reading of your family's adventures...but did you know there is google advertisments over some of the text? :(

5 Chinchen's said...

like bad advertisments????
i hope not.
i don't ever see that.
i'll look into it and see what i can find out. has it happened before?