Wednesday, September 24, 2008

is that silence i hear

here i sit, a moment in silence. except for the clinking of coffee cups in the background, i am alone. these moments don't happen often. in fact, we have to seek and search them out. we take these opportunities to get lost on the internet, taking care of necessary business, staying in touch with friends and family and researching the next destination.

i'm not always so sure what to do with this time. i'm so use to being surrounded by little minds always on the go. it gets a bit crazy here at times. overwhelming is the word. sometimes i'd even say i feel claustrophopic. stir crazy. i'm sure the kids feel it too. they just don't know how to express it yet. i try hard to look into my kiddos eyes and see what's really going on in there. are they coloring on the table, hiding sissy's favorite teddy bear or tearing up over something silly because they are naughty or simply because they are feeling couped up in the RV like me. are they getting enough one on one time? do they miss their life back "home"? i feel like i know my children well. i remind myself everyday that these little ones are going through this with me. that even though they are young, this is new for all of us, and like i said a transition time. we are sitting still right now. it feels a little stale at times. especially when those clouds hang low.
don't get me wrong...we are having fun here. we love being with family. we've never "lived" near grandparents. the kids can't get enough. it's nice to see the excitement to see nan nan and grumpy, even if it's only been 20 minutes . it's going to be hard to leave that. but we must journey on, explore and do what it was we originally set out to do.

jay slapped the last coat of paint on the boat yesterday. it's almost finished and ready to go back into the water. it's been fun to watch the boat transform and proudly wear it's shiny new happy paint. i'm going to have jay write a whole new blog about the old "gypsy soul". i'll do no justice. it's been a long tough rewarding job. and a whole new talent to add to the long resume.

that means that we'll be leaving this haven soon and out in the open alone. yippee!!!!! out across WA, through ID and MT and into Yellowstone we go. The bad momma that i can be at times has my kids convinced that the grizzlies will eat us, or at least the dog. so i must remember when they can't sleep those nights in the park that it was indeed me that planted that seed. all in fun though, i swear.

i'm going to go out and enjoy the sunshine now. i promise to get pictures up soon, when i have a decent internet connection.
we miss you all!

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